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Advertising guidelines and rates: Effective January 2022


Black Mental Health Today (BMHT) magazine is a quarterly publication with a growing circulation of 5000. BMHT is a leading resource for mental health professionals and advocates, particularly Black and African Americans, who work to promote mental wellness among Black communities.  Its ultimate aim is to support mental health professionals in their work-life balance, and to promote the visibility of the work they do.


BMHT is distributed quarterly with the following deadlines for submission of advertising

Spring issue: January 21
Summer issue: April 21
Fall issue: July 21
Winter issue: October 31

Mechanical Requirements

Advertisements are best submitted to the Editor as high-resolution digital files via email at You may use Dropbox or Google Drive. Accepted file types are jpeg and png, and must be readable on Mac and Windows-based computer. Best results are obtained with press quality files and uncompressed. Please err on the side of quality rather than compression. Inquire well in advance for special needs and possible exceptions.

Send advertising inquires to Dr. LaTonya Summers at:

Type of ad

Without contract

(1 individual issue)

With contract per issue

(discounted rate per issue; 4 issues)

With contract annually

(discounted rate for 4 issues paid in advance)

Outside back cover 975 885 3540
Inside Back cover 850 775 3100
Inside front cover 850 775 3100
Four-page centerfold 2998 2700 10,800
Two-page centerfold 1605 1450 5800
Full page 750 680 2720
½ page 530 500 2000
¼ page 455 430 1720
Business card 380 365 1460

Advertising Size Chart

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